Director's Message

Zafar Ullah


Zafar Ullah Khan is Managing Director (MD) of BSoft having 25 years of experience in the field of education, Information Technology and entrepreneurship.
The journey of BSoft started from 1999 by laying down a foundation technology stone. I learn in this business that you need to evolve so rapidly to join the technology race.

Wish Godspeed to BSoft team.

Mohsin Ikram


Mohsin Ikram is leading BSoft as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He is managing the UK office of BSoft and contributing as both technical & planning resource. Mohsin Ikram is graduated from University of Surrey in the field of mobile communication. He remained both as functional and technical consultant for different ERP solutions developed in oracle.


Dr. Naveed ISLAM

Director QA

Dr. Naveed ISLAM has more than eight years of experience as a Research and Development (R&D) scientist in numerous international research centers in the domains of Image Processing, Machine Learning and Computer Vision, Information hiding & Cryptography and Visualization.
He has practically worked on:

  • Real time design and development of algorithms for the processing of sonar data acquired using autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) for mission planning and data analysis (Python, Numpy/SciPy, OpenCV).
  • Design and development of stereo vision based 3D Reconstruction for interactive gaming environment (C/C++, Java, OpenCV).
  • Robot (Pioneer 3AT) exploration and map building for localization based on omnidirectional visual information (C/C++, OpenCV).
  • Design and implementation of secret sharing protocol for visual data (images) for shared and distributed environment (C/C++, Matlab, Java).
  • Segmentation/classification of images of metallic plates in background and object of interest (C/C++, Matlab).
Besides his R&D activities, he is also involved in academic activities in teaching courses to undergraduate and post-graduate level students; courses include: Advance Computer Vision, Multimedia Security and Digital Watermarking, Applied Image processing, Digital Image Processing, Objected Oriented Programming, Discrete Mathematics and Introduction to Computing.

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BRAINS Software Enterprises (BSoft) is a leading IT solution company in KPK, Pakistan. BSoft technology stone laid in 1999 at BRAINS Postgraduate College-one of the leading IT institute in KPK. Since that BSoft is serving the community (businesses, schools, colleges, universities, super markets, pharma, restaurants, banquet halls, mobile shops, grocery shops, tailors and many more).

BSoft has ever since used highly experienced resources in analysis, development, quality assurance, and implementation to provide a wide range of high-quality consulting services and cost-effective development of customized application software.